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We could be your online assistants working remotely to manage and organise your day whether it be scheduling meetings or planning for your next vacation and everything in between.


Email Management, Document Formatting, Scheduling Meetings, Minutes Taking, Online Search, 

Expense Management, Event Management,  

Travel Booking, Customer Support, Bookkeeping, 

Accounts Payable/Receivable, Tax Preparation,

Project Management, Purchase Order, Budget Tracker

Vendor Management, Investment planning

Office Maintainence, AMC Renewals, Payment Follow up

Network & Internet 


Calendar organization, Resource planning

Manage Social media, Expense Tracking

Credit Card Analysis, Loan / EMI Tracking 

Insurance Renewal, Bill Payments, Purchase Assistance

Spend Analysis, Contacts Management, Time Planning

Food & Diet planning, Exercise and Health

Doctors consultation, Home Repairs & Maintainence

Home Cleaning, Home Renovations, Travel Planning

pricing as low as RS.2,000/- PER MONTH*


A physical / Online meeting will be arranged with you one on one to understand your exact requirement. 

match making

We would list out all the possible services that we can offer along with the best price quote. Match your requirements with our services.


After Commercials we shall design the most effective plan and organise the activities, to boost your productivity 


We will consult with you on many occasions for a maximum of 25 days to understand the work pattern and implement the plan immediately.

Heads up : All our personal online assistance services are limited to Telephone and Internet, None of our assistant will be physically present at your premises. All communications will be done trough telephone and E-mail, task completing reports are sent on a daily basis, Pricing is purely based on the number of tasks assigned, Working Hours are 9:30 Am to 6:00 Pm only.

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