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Marketing With Blogs - Blog marketing

How to market my product or service with Blogs, Is it even possible to market with blogs, All you need to know about blog marketing. #blogmarketing #blogsforu #blogme

What is Blog Marketing ?

Blog marketing is the process of reaching your home business' target market through the use of a blog. Initially, business owners had a blog separate from their websites, but today, you can easily integrate the two to make it easier for you to manage, as well as easier for visitors to access. Many business owners use a blogging platform, such as #WordPress, for both their website and #blog.

Further, as blogging has grown in ease and popularity, many people have created businesses from blogging all on its own, as opposed to having a business first and then blogging. For example, some hotel blogs are businesses in and of themselves.

How to start Blog Marketing ?

Starting a blog and using it to promote your business can be set up within minutes. It's the ongoing management and marketing that will take time.

Make a Blog Marketing Plan: What are you going to share on your blog? News, tips, resources, etc? How often will you update your blog? (Daily, weekly, etc.)

Create Your Blog: Decide on your blogging platform, and set it up, including customisation that fits your business. Be sure to use the same logo on your blog as on your website (if you have a separate website) to retain consistency. If you use a free blog platform (not recommended for business blogging), have a domain name pointing to the blog to make it easier for consumers to get to your site.

Fill Your Blog with Several Posts ASAP: Readers don't like to visit a blog with only one or two posts. Add ten or more posts quickly to start out, and then switch to your regular post schedule.

Market Your Blog: It's very easy to integrate social media into your blogs so that your blog posts go out to your followers. Include your blog on your marketing materials as well.

Reply to Comments: Remember, blogs are social, so people will ask questions, provide feedback, or share their opinion. Delete spam posts.

Use Your Blog to Encourage Email Signups. Signups are another great way to keep people who are interested in your business coming back to your blog, which again, gives them more opportunity to spend time on your site.

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