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How to find the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore

Digital marketing in India has gained momentum in the past few years due to various influences like the opening up of the economy, digital payments, cashless transactions, digital India, Prime ministers initiatives and of course the pandemic Covid-19.

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Planning: Companies and start-ups alike must assess their marketing needs and apportion a percentage of activity for digital marketing, physical marketing, personal marketing, events and promotions. Say the mix could be Digital marketing – 30%, Physical marketing- 40%, Personal marketing – 20%, Events and promotions-10%.

Once they have this kind of a breakup its easy to apportion cost and find a digital marketing agency that could contribute to 30% of marketing expenses. Depending on the marketing mix it’s easier to find an agency.

Research: If 30% is the digital marketing expense then appointing an agency that would charge a bomb would not be worth it, a little bit of homework and market study is required at this stage. Make a few phone calls, check with justdial, sulekha, bark and few other places to help in your research.

Essentially you should be looking for a company that provides all the services under one roof, services such as Search engine optimisation (SEO) , Social media marketing, Video marketing, Email marketing, Blogging, Website marketing, Paid search/contextual advertising, website development and of course what’s app marketing.

Execution: Without spending too much time with endless options of digital marketing agencies, Freelance marketers, affiliate marketers and so on. Choose an agency and stick with it. If the right connect happens with you and the agency there is nothing like it. Meet the top people of the agency so you will get the feel of their vision and mission.

Costing: Pretty much cost is boiled down to the bare minimum, so your negotiation skills will definitely help, anywhere between the range of 7,000 to 10,000 per month would be a decent estimate if your target is 30% expenditure for digital marketing.

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